Undergraduate Courses

Course Code Course Name Day/Time Instructor(s)
CJS200H1-S Introduction to Jewish Thought T12-14 Goldberg, Sol
CJS201H1-F Introduction to Jewish Culture F10-12 Seidman, Naomi
CJS290H1-S Topics in Jewish Studies: The Jewish-Christian Encounter: On the Possibility of Dialogue M13-15 TBA
CJS392H1-F LEC0301 The Jewish Family in Medieval and Early Modern Europe R14-16 Baskin, J.
CJS391H1-F LEC0201 Three Answers to the Jewish Question: Liberalism, Communism, Zionism W10-12 Brym, Robert
CJS390H1-S LEC0101 Jews By the Numbers: Research Methods for Jewish Studies R14-16 TBA
CJS390H1-S LEC0201 The Holocaust: Literary and Religious Responses W14-16
Clark, D.
Krongold, J.
CJS390H1-F LEC0101 Jews in Germany after the Holocaust W14-16 Mitter, A.
CJS396H1-F Independent Study TBA TBA
CJS396H1-S Independent Study TBA TBA
CJS490H1-S The Philosophy of Joseph Soloveitchik T10-12 Rynhold , D.
CJS498Y1-Y Independent Study TBA TBA
CJS499H1-F Independent Study TBA TBA
CJS499H1-S Independent Study TBA TBA
CJS400H1-S Judaism, Theology, and Science R10-12 Fehige, Yiftach