Undergraduate Courses

Course Code Course Name Day/Time Instructor(s)
CJS200H1F Introduction to Jewish Thought F12-2
Goldberg, Sol
Fehige, Yiftach
Karolina Hübner
CJS201H1S Introduction to Jewish Culture M1-3
Willi Goetschel
Anna Shternshis
Doris Bergen
CJS390H1F Modern Jewish Women’s History R4-6 Maris Rowe-McCulloch
CJS430H1S Encounters between Jewish and Modern Thought R11-1 Sol Goldberg
CJS490H1S Representations of Jews and Jewishness in Opera T10-12 Joy Calico
CJS390H1S - LEC0101 Jews: By the Numbers R6-8 Alexis Lerner
CJS440H1F The Arab Jew: A History of a Concept M6-8 Yigal Nizri
CJS390H1S - LEC0201 Three Answers to the Jewish Question: Liberalism, Communism, and Zionism W10-12 Robert Brym
CJS330H1S Who's a Jew? Theory, Myth, and Practice M12-2 Sol Goldberg